• The perfect location for strawberry growing

    Located in the Metapontino area : Our agricultural cooperative OP Zuccarella is strategically positioned in the heart of the Metapontino area, an area characterized by an ideal microclimate and fertile soils, creating the perfect conditions for growing high quality strawberries.

  • Commitment to quality and sustainability

    • Integrated and organic production : We grow strawberries with integrated and organic production techniques, taking advantage of the abundance of sun, water and natural nutrients to guarantee the freshness and goodness of our fruits .
    • Certified and controlled : The quality of our strawberries is certified and carefully controlled to ensure healthiness, freshness and flavour, while we are committed to respecting the environment and the climatic variations of our beloved land.
  • Strawberries OP Zuccarella - A bite of excellence

    • Unique characteristics : Our Lucanian strawberries are admired for their exceptional shelf-life, perfectly sweet flavour, compact pulp, intense aroma and high organoleptic and nutritional qualities.
    • Unmistakable ripeness and color : We guarantee impeccable ripeness and an intense, bright and inviting color that reflects the particular durability of the nutritional values ​​of our strawberries.

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OP Zuccarella's strawberries represent the pinnacle of sweetness and freshness. With their...