We look to the future, with tradition and respect.

The OP Zuccarella Cooperative, based in Scanzano Jonico (Matera) , has been engaged in the production, processing and marketing of high quality strawberries and citrus fruits for over 40 years, representing an excellence of Basilicata, a region of Southern Italy with a strong agricultural tradition.

Currently, the company's cultivated area is divided as follows: 40 hectares for strawberries , with different types of plants including fresh, rooted top and cold-stored, 50 hectares for oranges , 20 hectares for clementines and 20 hectares for lemons . Furthermore, there are another 70 hectares managed by the members , located mainly in Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria, who constantly supply products to the cooperative.

From this year, OP Zuccarella is proud to be among the 23 Lucanian companies authorized to use the prestigious "Candonga Fragola Top Quality®" brand , which represents the famous Italian strawberry characterized by an intense red color both on the outside and on the inside. internal, a conical and elongated shape and a caloric content of 27 kcal/100 g. For the 2023 strawberry season, OP Zuccarella has allocated 8 hectares to the Sabrosa-Candonga variety, identifying itself with the producer code 1422823.

The presence of OP Zuccarella is consolidated in numerous fruit and vegetable markets and organized distribution chains in Italy and Europe, such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. Thanks to careful planning of transplants and the careful choice of varieties, the cooperative is able to produce and market strawberries and citrus fruits for around 10 months a year, guaranteeing products that are always fresh, colorful and delicious.

The company stands out for its strong entrepreneurial and managerial ability, combined with unconditional love for the land , and has a workforce of over 200 employees who are involved in the various production processes during periods of maximum demand.

With its operational headquarters located in the Metapontino plain, OP Zuccarella grows strawberries and citrus fruits both in the open field and in specialized greenhouses .

Our history, made in the family.

I am Giuseppe Zuccarella, founder of the Fresh Fruit agricultural company founded in the 1970s in the Metaponto area in the heart of Basilicata, honored to be counted among the first pioneers who believed in the strawberry project.

Our company produces and markets strawberries and citrus fruits, exporting them to the main markets in northern Italy and abroad. Over the years the company has grown significantly also thanks to the entry of my son Luca who brought enthusiasm, innovation and confidence in the future so much so that we wanted to broaden our horizons aiming for a complete supply chain project whilst maintaining our solid principles of love, tradition and respect for the territory, attention to products and consumers and consolidated trust in our partners.

The products are preserved using only the cold without any chemical treatment: an ethical choice that allows the organoleptic and genuineness characteristics of the product itself to be kept intact, as well as the colour, caliber and degree of ripeness.

The certifications

Global GAP certificate


GRASP certified - FRESH FRUIT by Zuccarella Giuseppe

IFS Certificate - FRESH FRUIT by Zuccarella Giuseppe

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